Terje Evensen. Drummer, Sound designer & Composer.

Music for paintings CD 1
Music for paintings CD 2

Terje Evensen
Holger Theunert

Leo Abrahams
Nils Petter Molvær
Anna Stereopoulou
Manongo Mujica
Anthony Cox

1. Buzios
2. House on a hill
3. What now?
4. Carpe diem
5. Butterfly and Snowflakes
6. Skagerrak
7. Night turns to day
8. The move
9. Arrival
10. Wherever the wind blows

Terje Gewelt – Electric and acoustic bass
Bjørn Klakegg – Electric guitars
Erlend Slettevoll – Acoustic piano and eyboards
Terje Evensen – Drums, Percussion and electronics

All compositions by Terje Gewelt

Produced by Terje Gewelt
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hallibakken Lydproduksjon, Nesbyen by Magne Hallibakken.
Cover design by Lisbeth Østenfor Løken
Photos by Terje Gewelt

1. Origins
2. Nightmare at the Desert
3. Saga
4. Drums Calling Winds

Manongo Mujica – Handpan, maraca shaker, Peruvian seeds rattle, udu, balofon, gong, cymbal, bell plates, tom, spiral trash
Terje Evensen – Electronics, drums, handpan

Photography and album artwork concept by Pauline Barberi
Paitings by Manongo Mujica
Graphic design by Juan Shimabukuro
Project coordination by Marlene Miyashiro
Translation by Alonso Almenara

1. Stien
2. Regn på ruta
3. Benken
4. Hvitveisen
5. Ellinor og hesten
6. Maja
7. Snø
8. Livets vals
9. Midtsommersdans
10. Huset
11. Natta

Elin Glende
Trond Inge Johansen
Lars Tormod Jenset

Terje Evensen
Thomas Nessheim
Erlend Grønvold Hanssen
Trine Sennerud Melby
Dagfin Hjort Hovind
Jens Andreas Kleiven
Bryan Paugh
Kari Meyer
Hans-Vidar Torp
Bjarke Falgren

Recorded in Farm Studio
Produced by Thomas Neeheim and Magne Hellesjø
Mixed by Mike Hartung, Propeller music division
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen, Propeller Mastering.

1. Fredagstris
2. Falsk Ballade
3. Syvseter
4. Those Who Wait
5. Kontralypso
6. La Cyclette
7. Onsdagstris

Lorenzo Nardocci
Lars Tormod Jenset
Terje Evensen

1. La Vita
2. BX 8/24 – Paracas

Terje Evensen – Electronics

Mastered by Ed Woods, London.
Recorded and mixed by Terje Evensen at Studio AbstractGoat, Oslo.
Artwork by Holger Theunert.

The music was composed by Terje Evensen for an exhibition of Theunert Bilder at
Abbazia di Novella, South Tyrol/Italy.
August 24th 2018.

2. Dele

Tim Harries – Bass & Electronics
Terje Evensen – Electronics

IMHH mixed by Joel Harries

1. Mail Order Doom Terje Evensen Remix

Remix by Terje Evensen

Mail Order Doom is originally from the album Vision & Disorders by Alpine Those Myriads.

1. 30hz Dub Prelude
2. Opus12, No.7
3. Memories in My Pentagram
4. Nocturnal Sonata
5. Electronic Impromptu in E-flat Minor
6. Modular Rondo
7. Die Ballade vom Frosch
8. Epilogue Leitmotif

GAUDI : Minimoog, Arp 2600, Theremin, Fender Rhodes, Korg MS20, Arp Odyssey, Piano, Programming

ERALDO BERNOCCHI : Guitar and Baritone Guitar
MASAMI AKITA aka MERZBOW : Electronic Noises
MARTIN SCHULTE : Electronics
TERJE EVENSEN : Electronic Drum
EYAL MAOZ : Guitar
BRIAN ALLEN : Trombone

1. Time travels
2. Ups and downs
3. Leaving town
4. Iskanten
5. Crosstalk
6. Seafarer
7. Wow and flutter
8. Melancholy blue
9. Raw air
10. Gone sailing

Terje Gewelt – Electric and acoustic bass
Bjørn Klakegg – Electric and acoustic guitar
Erlend Slettevoll – Piano and keyboards
Terje Evensen – Drums and electronics

All music by Terje Gewelt (Tono) except “Wow and Flutter” and “Raw Air” composed by Terje Gewelt, Bjørn Klakegg and Terje Evensen (Tono)

Produced by Terje Gewelt
Recorded and mixed at Resonant Studio Oslo Norway March 2017 by Anders Svinndal.
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering Oslo Norway

Photo by Jhos Bøe
Cover design by Martin Kvamme

This recording is partly founded by “Komponistenes Vederlagsfond” and “Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere”

Side 1
Side 2

Tim Harries – Bass
Terje Evensen – Electronics

Recorded live at Ås kulturhus by Fredrik Pagander.
Mixed at AbstractGoat Studio by Terje Evensen.
Logo design by Lucas Dietrich.

1.Spin me
4.Vicario Square
5.Unhappy Mondays
7.Drug I Can’t Deny
9.Before The Night Ends

Hamartia Personnel Listing –

Elisabeth Nygaard – Vocal
Rory Simmons – Trumpet/Guitar/Keyboards
Terje Evensen – Drums/Programming/Electronics
Fyfe Dangerfield – Vocal on track 9
Tim Harries – Bass on track 1, 2, 3, 6 and 10
Paloma Deike – Violin on track 2, 3 and 10
Natalie Rozario – Cello on track 2, 3, and 10

All music written by Rory Simmons, Elisabeth Nygaard and Terje Evensen
All lyrics written by Elisabeth Nygaard
Produced by Terje Evensen and Rory Simmons
Mixed by Terje Evensen
Mastered by Ed Woods
Cover design by Sarah Warton
Band photo by Jo Michael de Figueiredo

1. Conical
2. Tuesday’s Blues
3. Two Hill Town
4. Leap Second
5. Same Hand Swiss Double Pug
6. Minus two

Spin Marvel are :

Martin France – drums
Nils Petter Molvaer – trumpet
Tim Harries – bass
Terje Evensen – sound sculpture, live electronics
Emre Ramazanoglu – production and additional drums

Mixed by Emre Ramazanoglu
Produced by Emre Ramazanoglu and Spin Marvel
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios, NYC
Artwork and Design by Petulia Mattioli

Executive Producer for RareNoiseRecords: Giacomo Bruzzo

Recording Produced by Somethin’ Else, originally for the programme “Jazz On 3” – a Somethin’ Else Production for BBC Radio 3
Producer : Robert Abel
Engineer : Steve Lowe
Produced by Somethin’ Else

Nils Petter Molvaer appears courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Tim would like to thank Mark Print for Gibson Bass Restoration.
Emre uses UAD plugins, Yamaha Drums and Royer Microphones.



Tim Harries – Bass
Terje Evensen – Electronics

Recorded & mixed by Terje Evensen at AbstractGoat Studio.
Mastered by Ed Woods.
Cover photo by Line Furuholmen Bonnevie.
Logo and cover design by Lucas Dietrich.

℗ & © Optical Substance Productions 

1. So Long Mishawka
2. Navigating
3. Iterations
4. Baikonur
5. The Baryon Number
6. Phrased Silence
7. Solving Revers in Dark Matter
8. The Last Flying Piano Roll Goes to Paris

Pd conception are:

Ingvo Clauder – Piano
Anders Tveit – Live electronics
Terje Evensen – Percussion

Mixed by: Terje Evensen
Gestaltung: peddaborowski.com
2013 pdconception.com

1. Mai                                         
2. Rise                                 
3. Marble Faces                 
4. Reject The Rhapsody         
5. Nothing Dies With You
6. Little Piece of Everything
7. Deliverance                        
8. Knee                                 
9. Falling

Eyes Of A Blue Dog are:
Rory Simmons- Trumpet/Guitar/Electronics
Terje Evensen- Drums/Electronics
Elisabeth Nygaard- Vocals

Chris Hill- Bass on Marble Faces

Mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo
Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Mastering.
Produced by Rory Simmons and Terje Evensen
All music written by Terje Evensen/Rory Simmons/Elisabeth Nygaard.
All lyrics written by Elisabeth Nygaard.

  1. Twistic
  2. Awake like this
  3. 10th witness
  4. Fire in the gallery
  5. Biramous
  6. Near morningside
  7. Apochryful
  8. Wait drags on
  9. A simple matter
  10. Tertuliano
  11. Play it once more
  • Rory Simmons – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Tori Freestone – Flute
  • James Allsopp – Clarinet and Bass clarinet
  • Kit Massey – Violin
  • Natalie Rozario – Cello
  • Ben Reynolds – Drums and percussion
  • Elisabeth Nygaard – Vocal
  • Andrew Plummer – Vocal
  • Jamie Cullum – Vocal
  • Ivo Neame – Piano
  • Jasper Hoiby – Bass
  • Robin Fincker – Clarinet
  • Terje Evensen – Treatment/Electronics

All music composed and arranged by Rory Simmons.
Recorded at Antonio’s
Engineered by Ben Lamdin.
Mixed by Alex Bonney
Mastered by Peter Beckmann.
Artwork by Sarah Wharton.

Rory Simmons

  1. Paradigm
  2. Karusell
  3. Adaptation
  4. Corner
  5. Frame
  6. Styx
  7. Different from the rest
  8. Sverd & Sigd
  9. Naturen er redd for tomrom
  • Kjetil Husebø – Piano/Synth/Prog/Harmonium/Kalimba/Clockenspiel
  • Steinar Værnes – Trumpet
  • Alex Gunia – Guitar
  • Sigrun Eng – Cello
  • Karoline Rosalie Broosch – Violin
  • Terje Evensen – Drums
  • Patrick Shaw Iversen – Flute
  • Bjørn Charles Dreyer – Guitar
  • Alex Kozmidi – Guitar
  • Audun Waage – Trumpet
  • Dimitry Süslov – Saxophone

All music composed and produced by Kjetil Husebø.

Mainly recorded at Grandisstudio and Stereo, Oslo. But also at various studios in Berlin, Kristiansund and Mandal.
Mixed by Terje Evensen and Kjetil Husebø at Stereo, Oslo.
Mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller mastering, Oslo
Cover design by manouver.no
Produced by Kjetil Husebø

Optical Substance

  1. The Reluctantly politicised Mr. james
  2. Basildon gangster ghost
  3. Reonciled rotation
  4. Trilling scars
  5. Two metalled tendrils/Ten stairs stretching before
  6. Dust in eyebeam
  • Martin France – Drums, Simmons drums, Wave drum
  • Tim Harries – Bass
  • Terje Evensen – Sound editor, Mix editor
  • Nils Petter Molvær – Trumpet
  • John Parricelli – Guitar
  • Sean Genocky – Engineering and Compilation
  • Ed Woods – Mastering engineer

Recorded at Black dog studios, London
Original paintings and Artwork – Holger Theunert
Produced by – Terje Evensen

Spin Marvel

  1. Unclaimed Consciousness
  2. Beside space/next to
  3. Proletarian/In memory of persistence
  4. 1978
  5. Maintain/You´re the new museum
  6. Wreck/Lights on-off
  7. Before leaving
  • Terje Evensen – Percussion/Electronics

Recorded and mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo.
Mastered by Audun Strype
Photos by Anne Elisabeth larsen
Artwork by Lucas Dietrich

Netalbum created and published by fonorum – 2010

Still you. You still here

This album is dedicated to my wife Myfanwy
and my daughter Viola Victoria.

Thanks to Line and her family for incalculable support of my music.

  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  • Matthias Mainz – Trumpet, processing
  • Alex Gunia – Extended guitar
  • Anders Tveit – Six string bass, Electronics
  • Terje Evensen – Drums
  • Joker Nies – Bent Circuits
  • Hannes Hoelzl – Laptop

Recorded in 2007 at Loft, Köln by Christian Heck
Mixed in 2008 at ATM studio, Köln by jan Martin Schlotterbeck and Alex Gunia
Mastered by Audun Strype, Oslo.
Graphic design by Ruan Qiantui

All songs written by:


  1. Stumbling ritual
  2. Anxious Eagle
  3. Flickering flame
  4. The fidget
  5. Endorphin
  6. Søvngjenger
  • Are Lothe Kolbeinsen – Guitar/Live looping
  • Terje Evensen – Percussion
  • Maria Castro – Electronics and arrangement on Søvngjenger

Improvisations by Kolbeinsen/Evensen
Søvngjenger re-composed by Maria C. De Castro
Recorded amd mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo.
Matsered by Espen Berg at Living room studios, Oslo.
Produced for FMR by Trevor Taylor.
Cover photo by Maria C. De Castro
Cover layout by Ewan Rigg


#Constellations #Constellations Remix

Angeline Conaghan – Vocal
Terje Evensen – Drums

Bjørn Charles Dreyer – Guitar/Pedal steel
Geir Bremer Øvrebø – Rhodes
Liva Tveit – Backing vical
Svein Schultz – Bass

Remix by The Nomad

Lyrics by Angeline Conaghan
Music composed and produced by BARK

Recorded and mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo
Mastered by Espen Berg at Livingroom, Oslo
Cover photo by Barry Lewis
Design by Terje Evensen


  1. Home
  2. Exum
  3. Skin
  4. Dream
  5. Blue
  6. Talk
  7. Light
  8. Nothing the same
  9. Dare


  • Angeline Conaghan – Vocal
  • Terje Evensen – Drums, Keys, Electronics


  • Bjørn Charles Dreyer – Guitar on track 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8.
  • Geir Bremer Øvrebø – Rhodes on track 5.
  • Liva Tveit – Backing vocals on track 3, 4 and 8.
  • Anders Tveit – Orchestral arrangement on track 1.
  • Erik Skarsbø – Guitar on track 3.

Recorded and mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo.
Mastered by Espen Berg at Living room studios, Oslo.
Cover photo by Annie Zorzo
Cover design by Terje Evensen

All Lyrics by Angeline Conaghan.
All music composed by BARK


  1. Feel the heat (a.)
  2. Feel the heat (b.)
  3. Feel the heat (c.)
  4. Network flow
  5. Precision Power
  6. Clash (a.)
  7. Clash (b.)
  8. Clash (c.)
  9. Critical emergency
  10. Towards the stars
  11. Sound explosion (a.)
  12. Sound explosion (b.)
  13. Sound explosion (c.)
  14. Sound explosion (d.)
  15. Sound explosion (e.)
  16. Time circles (a.)
  17. Time circles (b.)
  18. Cause for concern
  19. Speed metal (a.)
  20. Speed metal (b.)
  21. Speed metal (c.)
  22. Drive distrortion
  23. Vold sculptures
  24. Modular Momentum
  25. Dream layers
  26. Law of attraction
  27. Deconstruction vortex
  28. Sound fission
  • Martin France – Drums
  • John Parricelli – Guitars
  • Terje Evensen – Percussion, Electronics, Keys

Produced by Peter Cox and Martin France
Mixed at Curtis Schwartz studios

  1. They walk away
  2. Burn yr thoughts and wake up!
  3. We hit with Gods hands
  4. We hit with Gods hands – Revisited
  5. I am Rambo

Bonus track: Departure of Elijah Noah: Hymn of praise
(For the subtleties and brutalities of lust)

  • Gypus Chelofan – Vocals, Piano, Synth, Guitar, Electronics and Programming.


  • The Screams – Drums and Basses
  • Elijah Noah: Banjo, Vocals and Apple
  • Aaron Zion: Bowed guitar, the jaws harp and synth

This record was produced by Alpine those myriads? and Robert Jønnum.
Artwork and design by Gypus Chelofan.

Alpine Those Myriads

  1. Icon
  2. Liaison
  3. Mishka’s letter
  4. The hermaphrodte
  5. Mounting waves
  6. In memory of
  7. Soyuz
  8. Illicit
  9. Condensation
  10. Never forget no:8
  • Ingvo Clauder – Piano
  • Terje Evensen – Percussion
  • Anders Tveit – Electronics

Live performed at Ibsenhuset, Skien.
Recorded and mixed by Audun Kleive at Audiopol studio.
Mastered by Marc Feigenspan.
Cover design and photo by Terje Evensen

Pd conception

  1. Nepenthe
  2. Black Wing
  3. Tenebrous
  4. Mono mouth
  5. Totem
  6. Copper field
  7. Maki
  8. Gwing9
  9. Dopla
  • Martin France – Drums, electronic drums, programming, sequencing, keyboards
  • Tim Harries – Bass, keyboards
  • John Parricelli – Guitars
  • Terje Evensen – Additional programming, sequensing, keyboards, drums

Recorded at Rough studios, London
Recording engineer – Dave Fowler
Assistant engineer – J.P Harper
Final Editing by Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo.
Final remix by Terje Evensen and Martin France at Stereo, Oslo
Mastering engineer – Phil Bodger
Artwork – Dog.W

Produced by Spin Marvel

Spin Marvel

Disc 1

  1. Kjhnkjhn
  2. Uhnkunkh
  3. Uniun
  4. Iiooii
  5. Uhnunuu
  6. Ybgjygbjy
  7. Jygbjy
  8. Unkunkunku
  9. Shnkfgjnskfhs

Disc 2

  1. Shnkfgjnskfhs
  2. Uhnkunkh
  3. Kjhnkjhn
  4. Unkunkunku
  5. Ybgjygbjy
  6. Iiooii
  7. Uniun
  8. Uhnunuu
  9. Jygbjy
  • Ingvo Clauder – Piano
  • Terje Evensen – Percussion
  • Anders Tveit – re-compositions

Recorded Nov. 2002 at TCM-studio, London.
Engineered by Erik Skarsbø.
Disc 1 mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo.
Disc 2 re-composed by Anders Tveit at Gradient music, Oslo.
Mixed by Anders Tveit and Terje Evensen at Stereo, Oslo
Mastering Jan Hassmann at Tonstudio Othis, Ebersbach.
Cover design and photo by Terje Evensen

Pd conception

  1. Thing
  2. Varkala
  3. Cyclorama
  4. Calling Miss baugh
  5. Triptych
  6. Sulley
  7. The devil sings
  8. Convocation
  9. Cactus Jam

Compilation CD with artists as:

  • Julian Siegel
  • Iain Ballamy
  • Spin Marvel
  • Tony Kofi
  • Ed Jones
  • Gary Husband
  • Gilad Atzmon
  • Byron Wallen
  • Julian Argüelles
  1. El Apra de Noé
  2. El Prado
  3. Suenos Festejos
  4. Uju pacha
  5. Tango Andrés
  6. Vals Lando
  7. Chincha
  8. Every every day
  • Andrés Prado – Guitar
  • Mat Elliott – Bass
  • Terje Evensen – Drums

Recorded by Erik Skarsbø at TCM- studio, London
Mixed by Erik Skarsbø and Terje Evensen in Erik’s room.
Cover design by Terje Evensen

All compositions by Andrés Prado.

Andrés Prado Trio