Terje Evensen. Drummer, Sound designer & Composer.

AbstractGoat Studio

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AbstractGoat studio is Terje Evensen´s newest studio where he composes, produces, and mixes music for his own projects as well as others.

Previous customers of AbstractGoat studio are among others: Sted søker kunst, Akershus teater, Hurtigruta A/S, Torgunn Produksjoner, Grunnlovsfeiringen 200år, Ås kommune, Musicity, The norwegian Shakespeare company, KPM Music House-London, Stine Sofies stiftelse.

“Terje has a unique production style and an ear for pleasant surprises.” Chris Koff – Sound on Sound

Released albums done in AbstractGoat Studio:

PUUL – Dele (P,M,Mu,C)
ALPINE THOSE MYRIADS – Mail Order Doom T. Evensen remix (M,P,MU)
PUUL – Likevekt (M,R,MU,C)
EYES OF A BLUE DOG – Hamartia (P,M,R,Mu,C)
PUUL – Puul (P,M,R,Mu,C)
PD CONCEPTION – Baikonur (P,M,Mu,C)
SPIN MARVEL – The reluctantly politicised mr. James (P,M,Mu,C)
TERJE EVENSEN – Still you. You still here (P,M,R,Mu,C)
KOLBEINSEN/EVENSEN – For those who have everything (P,M,R,Mu,C)
BARK – Constellations (P,M,R,Mu,C)
BARK – Home (P,M,R,Mu,C)
MARTIN FRANCE Rhythm dynamics (M,Mu,C)
ALPINE THOSE MYRIADES? – Our prolonged black rebirth (M,R,Mu)
SPIN MARVEL – Spin Marvel (M,Mu,C)
PD CONCEPTION – Phrased Silence (P,M,Mu,C)
ANDRÈS PRADO TRIO – Andrés Prado Trio (M,Mu)
SANGEN OM FLAMMEN – Sangen om flammen (M,R)
THE PIONEERS – The pioneers (M,R)

Produced = P, Mixed = M, Recorded=R, Musician = Mu, Composed = C

Studio AbstractGoat from Terje Evensen on Vimeo.