Terje Evensen. Drummer, Sound designer & Composer.

Music for paintings CD 1
Music for paintings CD 2

Terje Evensen
Holger Theunert

Leo Abrahams
Nils Petter Molvær
Anna Stereopoulou
Manongo Mujica
Anthony Cox

1. Mai                                         
2. Rise                                 
3. Marble Faces                 
4. Reject The Rhapsody         
5. Nothing Dies With You
6. Little Piece of Everything
7. Deliverance                        
8. Knee                                 
9. Falling

Eyes Of A Blue Dog are:
Rory Simmons- Trumpet/Guitar/Electronics
Terje Evensen- Drums/Electronics
Elisabeth Nygaard- Vocals

Chris Hill- Bass on Marble Faces

Mixed by Terje Evensen at Stereo
Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Mastering.
Produced by Rory Simmons and Terje Evensen
All music written by Terje Evensen/Rory Simmons/Elisabeth Nygaard.
All lyrics written by Elisabeth Nygaard.