Terje Evensen. Drummer, Sound designer & Composer.

Terje Evensen

Norwegian drummer, electronic musician, composer, and producer.

Evensen is a specialist in improvised modern jazz music combined with electro elements. He is adept in working with acoustic samples/recordings and mixing them together on an electro palette. He is always experimenting within a wonderland where different genres cross over – where jazz meets ambient, and electronica – creating spacious and dramatic soundscapes of profound intensity.

Although well versed in many styles and genres Evensen’s solo album Still you. You still here (2010) is a quintessential example of the core of his work, consisting purely of percussion and electronics. Released on the Berlin based platform FONORUM, it was the world’s very first net-album. www.stillyou-youstillhere.com

Catalogue of colleagues: Martin Fance, Tim Harries, Nils Petter Molvær, John Paul Jones, J. Peter Schwalm, John Parricelli, Rory Simmons, Elisabeth Nygard, Terje Gewelt, Julian Arguelles, Ingvo Clauder, Michael Kiedaisch, Mattias Mains, Frank Kroll, Mike Walker, Bjørne Charles Dreyer, Anders Tveit, Svein Schulz, and Steve Waterman, as well as Julio ”Chocolate” Algendones, Andrés Prado, Aldo Lopez-Gavilan and José Luis Madueño.

Touring: The people of Peru and Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, and Norway have been lucky enough to hear him play live.